Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trip to the Grocery Store

Lately I've noticed that some of my most interesting conversations happen in the grocery store or feed store.  Everyone is so busy these days that it's not uncommon to run into friends that we haven't seen in ages and catch up...even in the grocery store.  I don't know how many times I've told hubby that I was going to make a quick trip to the store, only to be asked what took so long when I finally make it home. 

I learn all kinds of interesting things at the store; activities going on in the community, an illness of a neighbor, new businesses, upcoming events, etc...  Sometimes the feed store is the place to be.  Farmers solve all kinds of world problems at the feed store.  It's really not much different from a bunch of parents waiting to pick up kids at school or ball practice.  We all know our ideas won't go much further than our conversations, but it's almost like therapy finding out you're not alone in your ideas and opinions.

Inevetitably, the price of fuel, living expenses and groceries comes up.  I'll be the first to admit that going to the store to buy groceries isn't the most favorite chore on my list.  Sometimes I have a hard time getting people to realize that we have the safest, most affordable food supply in the world right here in the United States.  Americans spend less disposable income on their food than any other country.  Still not convinced?  Try taking out the non-essentials and tally up what you consume as food.  It might surprise you. 

Here are a few facts that I received from Missouri Farm Bureau:

Americans spend approximately 10% of their disposable income on food.
58% of food is purchased for consumption at home; 42% away from home.
Amount of income spent on food in other countries: Pakistan 50%, Philippines 38%, China 32%, Japan 14%.

Remember that dairy products give more bang for your buck by providing essential nutrients needed in the daily diet.  You can find more information and recipes at http://www.midwestdairy.com/ or http://www.dairymakessense.com/.  Be sure to Thank A Farmer for the safe, affordable we enjoy here in the United States...after you get caught up with all the news while at the grocery store!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cookies & Milk

We're finally digging out of some of the ice & snow here on the farm.  The guys were kind enough to let me get caught up on some of the chores here in the house today.  I was almost excited to get the laundry & dishes caught up!  My only problem is that once I get the kitchen clean, I get the urge to cook something.  Kinda defeats the whole purpose of cleaning.

Cookies.  We hadn't had cookies in awhile.  So I made cookies...3 batches.  No-bake, snickerdoodles & something new called soft pudding cookies.  My biggest problem was that I didn't have the right kind of pudding mix, so I improvised.  They turned out okay, not quite what they were supposed to be, but good.  If you're wondering why so many cookies, well, I'm just like that sometimes.  My family is spoiled and I enjoy it (most of the time).  I wonder if they know how lucky they are...

Tomorrow may be one of those hectic days and I may not get to fix them anything special, but at least they'll have plenty of cookies to go with a glass of milk for a few days!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring Teased & Winter Smacked

We were teased Friday (just 4 days ago) as we enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures.  I'm talking t-shirt weather in the January - almost unheard of in winter around here.  Saturday was almost as nice and we were relieved when the cow we'd been monitoring had her calf on such a beautiful day.  We started the pre-storm preparations by bringing more hay in for easier access, moved cattle around and I made my much needed trip to the grocery store Sunday evening as temperatures started dropping and the winds picked up.

The vet clinic was unusually busy yesterday with appointments and prescription refills.  I was glad I didn't need anything at the store as I made my way home in the evening; the Wal-Mart parking lot resembled the day after Thanksgiving and the grocery store lots were more like the day before.  I saw a picture of the bread shelf and there wasn't a loaf of bread to be found; I just wonder what the milk shelf was like.  I made it home in time to help with the last of the chores and final details of getting ready for nasty weather.  The other cow we were keeping an eye on had her baby and was tucked away in the barn.

New addition from Friday.  She's a cutie!
I just couldn't make myself post a picture of the winter wonderland we're experiencing right now.  Instead, my mind keeps wondering back to our wonderful Spring-like weather just a couple of days ago.  After 6 hours of sleet and a day filled with snow & high winds, I keep hoping Spring will hurry up and get here.  The weatherman said we could expect "blizzard-like" conditions all day.  Personally, I prefer my blizzard with oreos, strawberry cheesecake, or maybe cookie dough...